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Concealed Carry

Next CCW Class: Saturday, October 21st,2023 8 AM-4 PM

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The Vernon County Sheriff's Office would like to make the process of obtaining a Concealed Carry Weapons permit as smooth as possible. On this page, you can find links to many resources that will assist you in this matter.

CCW processing fee: $85.00. This includes all costs for fingerprinting and performing the background investigation. A $28.75 fee for the Highway Patrol is also included in the processing fee. 

Renewal Fee: $50.00 $30.00 until further notice: This fee must be paid every five years to renew your CCW.

Click here for the Missouri Concealed Carry State Statute




Map showing concealed carry reciprocity with Missouri Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Reciprocity North Carolina Concealed Handguns Reciprocity South Carolina Reciprocity Georgia Firearm Permit Reciprocity Wisconsin CCW Alabama Reciprocity Law Michigan Kentucky Concealed Deadly Weapons Mississippi Firearms Permits FAQs West Virginia Gun Reciprocity Ohio Concealed Carry Reciprocity Pennsylvania Concealed Carry Reciprocity Indiana Michigan Arkansas Concealed Handgun Carry Licensing Oklahoma Reciprocity Louisiana Concealed Handgun Permit Unit Florida Licensing Texas Alaska Reciprocity New Mexico Concealed Handgun Carry Act of 2003 Arizona Concealed Weapons Permits Montana Concealed Weapons Idaho Concealed Weapons Washington Concealed Weapon Reciprocity Wyoming Concealed Firearm Permits Utah Reciprocity Delaware Concealed Weapons Reciprocity New Hampshire Licensing Vermont Firearms Iowa Weapon Permits North Dakota South Dakota Reciprocity Nebraska Concealed Carry Colorado Reciprocity Virginia Reciprocity Kansas Recprocity Maine Reciprocity


Gray Map Key
Does NOT Recognize Missouri Permits
Map Key-Light Blue
Written Agreement with Missouri
Map Key-Dark Blue
Recognizes Missouri without Written Agreement
Purple Map Key Box
Recognizes Missouri Permits Issued or Renewed after 8/28/13
Light-Pink box
Recognizes Missouri Permits if Permit Holder is 21 Years of Age or Older