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Vernon County Jail


Lt. Tycher Blakely
Office: 417-283-4400

Jail Control Center: 417-283-4411
Fax: 417-448-2580
[email protected]

The Vernon County Jail is a state of the art facility with professional staff to provide a safe and secure jail. The Vernon County Jail provides out of jurisdiction housing for approved facilities and offers medical care and screening, full food service, and commissary. Prisoners from across the state are housed at this facility including state sex offenders.


Lobby Visitation hours: Monday - Friday 6pm-10pm

Inmate visits take place via video kiosk from the lobby visitation room at no charge to the visitor or inmate. Appointments must be scheduled by the inmate.

Visitors must check in, present their photo ID to dispatch, and be at least 17 years old. Visitors under the age of 17 must be accompanied by a guardian and produce a copy of their birth certificate for identification.

Visits can also be conducted offsite anytime during the day through the CTC smartphone App or, fees will apply.

Visitors dial the inmate from the kiosk, limited to 15 minutes in duration, and limited 3 (Three) visits per week. Inappropriate conduct during the visit will result in denial of future visits. Visitation is a privilege and may be revoked for disciplinary purposes.

*Valid identification is required for visitations. For questions regarding visitations please call the jail control center at 417-283-4411.

Legal visits can be made by appointment however, some restrictions may apply for in person contact visits because of COVID-19 guidelines. 



Cash: Money may be placed on an inmates account for commissary purposes by using the Kiosk machine located in the lobby of the Sheriff's Office. The Kiosk will accept credit/debit cards and cash.

Website: Money may be placed on an inmates account by going to

Money Orders: Money orders may be sent directly to an inmate by using the following address:

          (Inmate Name)
          c/o Vernon County Sheriff's Office
          2040 E. Hunter
          Nevada, MO 64772



Inmates may receive correspondence through the mail by addressing the postcard as follows:

          (Inmate's Name)
          2040 East Hunter Street
          Nevada, MO 64772


Due to a recent change in inmate property laws, we have changed the policy on mailing books to inmates in the Vernon County Jail. As of September 1st we will no longer allow any books mailed to inmates from personal or book stores. We will be adding a book library to the jail as well as digital books are available on the inmate tablets. Any books received after that date will be returned to sender. Thank you for complying with the policy change.

Money orders will be accepted in a plain white envelope and all other items will be placed in inmate property. Materials of a sexual or violent nature are not permitted. Correspondence between inmates in other institutions requires pre-approval.

The inside of the Vernon County Jail with a visitation area.