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Drug Task Force

CNET Drug Task Force badge
ommunity Narcotics Enforcement Team


The goal of the Community Narcotics Enforcement Team Drug Task Force is to identify and prosecute high-level drug traffickers operating in our community. Accomplishing this task requires a high level of dedication and commitment by each officer that is assigned to the unit.

The task force investigates a variety of offenses including illegal drug possession and distribution, marijuana grows, prescription drug offenses, and hazardous situations such as methamphetamine labs.

The CNET Drug Task Force is run by county Sheriff's in Southwest Missouri and provides assistance with drug investigations for it's members in the following agencies:

  • Adrian Police Department
  • Bates County Sheriff's Office
  • Butler Police Department
  • Cass County Sheriff's Office
  • Cedar County Sheriff's Office
  • Dade County Sheriff's Office
  • El Dorado Springs Police Department
  • Greenfield Police Department
  • Henry County Sheriff's Office
  • Lockwood Police Department
  • Rich Hill Police Department
  • Vernon County Sheriff's Office