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Drugs Investigation Leads To Multiple Arrest


According to Officials with the Sheriff's Office, Detectives along with the CNET Drug Task Force began an investigation into illegal drug activity taking place in Vernon County. On Tuesday morning,  Detectives arranged a controlled delivery with two suspects who were attempting to obtain prescription pills illegally in order to distribute them. During the transaction, the suspects decided to flee the area without paying for the pills. Detectives then located the suspects at their residence and were able to recover the pills. One suspect with an outstanding warrant was located hiding in a closet underneath clothing. The suspects have been identified as 40-year-old Keesha Myers and 41-year-old Ray Nunley of Nevada, MO. According to Vernon County Sheriff Jason Mosher, "the pills the Detectives were selling were actually fake pills. This gives us the opportunity to arrest those involved in distributing illegal drugs, without having to risk real drugs getting on the streets". Mosher wanted to inform those involved that, "you never know which end of an illegal drug transaction a law enforcement officer may be on, so it's always good practice to neither purchase nor sell drugs in Vernon County."

On Tuesday Afternoon, the Courts issued a warrant charging Myers with Delivery or Manufacture of Imitation Controlled Substance with a $5,000 cash only bond. Nunley is being held on an unrelated warrant for Domestic Assault and is expected to receive additional charges from this investigation as well.