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Vernon County Jail fully staffed for first time in two years


The Vernon County Jail has filled its last openings for the detention and transport divisions after being short staffed for more than two years. According to officials with the Sheriff's Office, new trainees in the Vernon County Jail In-House Academy will complete their training this week and begin their hands-on training in the jail.


Vernon County Sheriff Jason Mosher said a combination of increased pay and programs like the "become a deputy" initiative have made all the difference. "We started a program where people can start in the jail and then apply to attend the police academy with the assistance of the Sheriff's Office." Mosher said one of the other biggest factors that has increased the application pool is the change in pay. "Our jail staff were making less than some of our local fast-food restaurants," said Mosher. The pay for jail staff was increased in July from $13 per hour to more than $16 per hour. The Sheriff said there have been other jails in the area close down because of staffing issues so he is very grateful to be able to announce the Vernon County Jail is at full staffing capacity.


Mosher said they are still receiving applications and have had to notify people that they are on a waiting list for any future openings. The current academy class will end on Tuesday and the new employees will start what is called FTO or Field Training Officer portion of their training.