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Suspect Found Deceased in Goodwin Homicide


The body of Aaron Goodwin was located early this week in a wooded area outside of Hot Springs, Arkansas nearly five months after being named the sole suspect in a homicide case. Goodwin was wanted by the Vernon County Sheriff's Office for Abandonment of a Corpse and was the suspect in the murder of his mother, Connie Goodwin, who was found in her home on October 28, 2020. According to Officials with the Sheriff's Office, the body had been decapitated and the head was located in the back of a truck in Hot Springs, Arkansas later in the day. Vernon County Sheriff Jason Mosher requested assistance from the Missouri State Highway Patrol Division of Crime and Drug Control during the investigation. The body was located by a citizen and reported to law enforcement.  


According to the press release, information was developed early on, leading investigators to believe that Aaron may have committed suicide in a wooded area, but the investigation was still treated like a suspect at large. "Because his body had not been found, we continued to follow up on leads from Kansas and Missouri and requested the assistance of a federal agency in searching for him" said Mosher. Investigators are still trying to piece together what may have caused Aaron to commit such a crime.